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    Right Here Is A Technique That Helps How Do I Buy NFT Art On Coinbase
    Right Here Is A Technique That Helps How Do I Buy NFT Art On Coinbase
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    What to do with NFT later buying





    LinksDAO was quick to foretell the purchase, tweeting "Welcome to LinksDAO, @StephenCurry30 – Realize you on the 1st football tee!"



    LinksDAO NFT Prices Jump-start After Steph Curry Purchase





    LinksDAO is a newly DAO looking to finance the institution of a strong-arm golf course of action and bludgeon by merchandising NFTs, blockchain-based works joined to digital or material assets. In this case, the NFTs symbolise the mighty to purchase literal memberships to the future tense land guild.



    The floor toll of the LinksDAO NFT ingathering jumped nowadays afterward Gold Province Warriors Sir Leslie Stephen "Steph" Groom purchased “Leisure Membership” and “LinksDAO Planetary Membership” NFTs for 0.29 ETH ($892.13) and 1.12 ETH ($3,442.89), severally. Curry’s purchase helped pushed the Price for the quondam to 0.72 ETH ($2,209.81). The LinksDAO Worldwide Membership NFT about recently sold for 2 ETH ($3,111.91).



    LinksDAO was ready to announce the purchase, tweeting "Welcome to LinksDAO, @StephenCurry30 – Visualize you on the 1st teeing ground!"



    Dress is an eager linksman and What to do with NFT after buying serves as administrator manufacturer of the ABC toy golf contention demonstrate "Holey Moley." External of sports, Curry has likewise suit an great NFT collector, recently purchasing Grumble Kong League and World-weary Caricature Yacht Bludgeon NFTs.



    Launched in December 2021, LinksDAO discharged its maiden NFT compendium on OpenSea. The collection took in 2,092 ETH, at the metre meriting $10.5 billion. The late commercialize knock down puts that add up nigher to $6.4 meg.





    Decentraland is a decentralised virtual realism platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland world, users commode create, experience, and monetise what they material body and what they have.






    OpenSea is the offset and biggest peer-to-peer NFT market for crypto goods. You canful reckon of it as eBay on the blockchain. Items uncommitted admit collectibles, spirited items, and other practical goods bolted by a blockchain.



    On OpenSea, you buttocks buy, sell, and swop any of these items with anyone in the populace. OpenSea is currently the largest superior general mart for user-owned integer goods, with the broadest hardening of categories, and presently has all over 4 meg items.





    $HNS TLD’s are passing to be a determinative ingredient in Entanglement 3.0 / dWeb. Your TLD bequeath be your drug user describe on socials, your web site address, your digital identity, your Defi address, your email/chew the fat id, your NFT vault and much to a greater extent (positive they’re scarce, valuable and simply good merriment to own).



    $HNS is the fabric for the decentralized World Wide Web.


    - Have your TLD alternatively of "renting" an SLD on an ICANN restricted TLD


    - Compatible with DNS


    - Critical appraisal component part of to the full censorship-resistive dapps


    - Astonishing community of interests!


    @HNS @NamebaseHQ



    $HNS TLD’s are expiration to be a crucial chemical element in Entanglement 3.0 / dWeb. Your TLD volition be your substance abuser epithet on socials, your web site address, your integer identity, your Defi address, your email/schmooze id, your NFT vault and often more than (plus they’re scarce, worthful and just now practiced diverting to own).



    There's no best #NFT than an $HNS top-grade region.



    It's level improve than owning #cryptokitties that strain resalable kittens.





    "Think of it as a piece of real estate," Kovaks said. "If you're buying a piece of real estate, and you're closing on it, you're getting a deed, right? So that blockchain is like a deed. You're getting a deed to that digital asset."



    NFTs and the Metaverse: The net enters a New phase



    NFTs get it conceivable for mass to nowadays have and collect extremity goods. As 60 Minutes+ reported hold out week, they're having Major implications in the fine art Earth. Just NFTs are as well ever-changing music, fashion, sports and Sir Thomas More -- they permit citizenry to purchase appendage moments, whether it's a blocked crack in a basketball game gimpy or evening a democratic meme.



    In a newfangled 60 Minutes+ written report flowing straight off on Paramount+, newswriter Laurie Segall followed along as award-taking knocker and What to do with NFT after buying ballad maker Flo Rida made a functioning of his song, "Low," into an NFT.



    "So, when people get the NFT of what happened today," Segall asked the artist, "What to do with NFT after buying are they getting? What are they owning when it comes to you, Flo Rida?"



    "They're owning a very special moment of myself or anybody else, you know," Flo Rida aforesaid. "And, you know, it's that digital moment."



    The argue these "digital moments'' can be sold as NFTs at all is because of what's called blockchain technology -- a permanent digital ledger that records who owns what in the virtual world, in this case, NFTs. And there is money to be made - in April, a video of LeBron James dunking in honor of the late Kobe Bryant sold as an NFT for more than $387,000. That's why Flo Rida along with entrepreneurs David Kovacs and Erik Hicks founded Emmersive Entertainment - a company that creates NFTs for people to own and collect.



    "Call back of it as a pick of literal estate," Kovaks said. "If you're buying a part of very estate, and you're closure on it, you're acquiring a deed, rectify? So that blockchain is comparable a deed of conveyance. You're getting a feat to that integer plus."



    And anything can be made into a digital asset, including a 60 Minutes+ correspondent. During her trip to Emmersive Entertainment, Segall was able to have a 3D avatar of herself produced as an NFT.



    "I suppose this in a humiliating mode. Why would person wanna purchase my NFT?" Segall asked Kovaks. "What is the evaluate? Scarcely explain it to me."



    "Well, conceive of NFTs once again as memorabilia," Kovaks said. "You are nowadays enabling everyone to make moments. And the market volition set what those moments are valued at. Peradventure you throne produce a jpeg of yourself in the midriff of one of the trump interviews. And made account. And that NFT volition receive a time value. Individual mightiness be concerned."



    Those NFTs are increasingly living in something called the "metaverse." Cathy Hackl, a vice president at Avatar Dimension, explained what that is.



    "I guess most it in the intersection of the strong-arm and the digital," Hackl told Segall. "To cast it into today's terms, correct at present we bear tolerant of a strong-arm persona that we are in the rattling existence. And then we get this extremity character that we're on LinkedIn or Instagram or TikTok, correct? So in roughly shipway it's tolerant of care converging those deuce. It's in about ways the following loop of calculation and the next loop of the internet."



    And real estate in the next iteration of the internet is already becoming a hot commodity. For more, check out the report, streaming now on Paramount+.





    There are more lessons from this bitter experience.



    Investors Spent Millions on ‘Evolved Apes’ NFTs. Then They Got Scammed.



    Cryptocurrencies are riddled with a dazzling array of scams. Rug pulls, a term for when developers take the money and run, are common. And NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, aren’t immune to that old trick, as thousands of investors of a project called Evolved Apes found out on Friday.



    Evolved Apes is described on NFT marketplace OpenSea as “a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs trapped inside a lawless land.” They are “fighting for survival, only the strongest ape will prevail,” it says, referring to the project’s much-hyped fighting game, which hasn’t materialized. 



    A week after the project launch, the anonymous developer known as Evil Ape who promised that game vanished along with the project’s official Twitter account and website. But they left traces behind on the blockchain that shows they siphoned 798 ether ($2.7 million) out of the project’s funds in multiple transfers. The funds, derived from the initial public sale of NFTs and commissions on the secondary market, were meant for project-related expenses like marketing.



    Evolved Ape investors noticed several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pull. After the public sale on September 24, the announcements seemed suspiciously unprofessional and several of the leaders were not around anymore, one investor who requested anonymity due to the ongoing fallout from the scam told Motherboard. But they chalked it up to lack of experience at the time. “I don't think this giant storm was ever what was expected,” the investor said.



    According to Mike_Cryptobull, who did not share their real name due to their standing in the community, the Evolved Apes community discovered that the social-media competition winners (a marketing activity to create buzz) hadn’t received their NFT prizes from the project, and the artist hadn’t been paid either. To figure out what was going on, investors active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat last week. In that call, they appointed Mike_Cryptobull, who spent 3 ether (around $10,200) on 20 Evolved Apes, as their de facto fact-finding mission leader. 



    “And through piecing the bits together I could find out and the parts that all aligned, I put together my opinion in the pdf for the community,” Mike_Cryptobull told Motherboard. His report contained some bad news about Evil Ape, the admin who controlled the project’s blockchain wallet.



    “What has happened is that Evil Ape has washed his hands of the project taking away the wallet with all the ETH from minting that was to be used for everything, from paying the artist, paying out cash giveaways, paying for marketing, paying for rarity tools, developing the game and everything else in between,” he wrote in the report shared with his fellow investors.



    Even though the money is gone, the Evolved Apes community plans to carry on. Unlike with cryptocurrencies, NFT rug pulls leave behind JPEGs and a narrative surrounding them. Mike_Cryptobull explained in the report that he and others would build a new project called Fight Back Apes out of the ashes of Evolved Apes. Evolved Apes holders would be automatically approved for a Fight Back Apes token linked with the art from the old project.



    “We will become the Fight Back Apes, fighting as a community against our nemesis Evil Ape,” he said. NFT investors who were promised a fighting game did find themselves in a fight after all. 



    None of this has put a serious damper on the Evolved Apes trade on OpenSea, where the project is still verified. There have been over 574 NFT sales with a total volume of 13.9 ether ($47,230) since Friday, when the rug-pull became public.



    “Although we have tried many avenues to contact OpenSea, we are still awaiting a response,” said Josh_CryptoBull, another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes co-founder.  



    “Evil Ape is still receiving the 4% royalties [from each sale], and that is why we are here to make a new NFT [project] to bring the royalties back to the community.” OpenSea didn’t immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment.



    Unlike Evolved Apes, which entrusted Evil Ape with sole access to the project wallet, Fight Back Apes will operate a multi-sig wallet, which requires multiple people to sign before anything can be done to funds. That doesn’t mean multiple people can’t collude and scam, of course.



    There are more lessons from this bitter experience.



    “Trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right,” Josh_CryptoBull said. “If there is a mistake, which happens, How do I buy and sell on NFT it is dealt with will tell you a lot.” He added that “there were multiple red flags” in Evolved Apes early on, “but 99% of us were just blinded by the art and the promises and the potential profits we assumed would come.”



    Two golden rules of crypto also apply here, said Mike_Cryptobull: do your own research, and don’t invest anything more than you Can NFT be sold afford to lose.






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    And it’s a good thing. A few years ago, people didn’t know about crypto. If they did, it was in association with a tech fad or the dark web. Yet today, it’s become not just a popular alternative to fiat currency, but an attractive investment opportunity.



    5. They believe a few things need to change to attract other investors.



    Increasing investments in crypto will be critical in earning it institutional asset status. Investors who are already playing in the space have the most insight into what needs to be fixed in order to invite more investors in. The biggest obstacle to widening the investor pool are crypto scams, which have defrauded investors of over $16 billion since 2012.



    Related to that is the belief that a lack of transparency around crypto projects and regulations are keeping investors away, as well as a lack of education and awareness about the whole industry. In other words, we must figure out better ways to protect investors, give them the tools they need to do their due diligence and evaluate their investments, and educate them more about crypto.



    Accredited Investors are Here to Stay



    Crypto is quickly moving into the future, and new investors are going to be the ones to push it there. While many are excited and eager about the space, there’s still work to do to make crypto investing accessible and safe for those who are interested.



    Guest post by Lihan Hyunwoo Lee from Xangle



    Lihan is a serial entrepreneur and technologist who solves real-world problems with a data-oriented approach. He previously founded OpenSurvey, Korea's first and largest mobile survey startup. He was also the co-founder of a leading F&B startup that deals with sensitive medical data. His current passion is towards using data analytics to help solve the transparency issue that plagues the crypto industry.





    The website for the new Squid Game crypto looks comprehensive enough, with sections about very official-sounding things like a white paper and an audit. But anyone who’s seen cryptocurrency rug-pulls before, like the Mando coin, will recognize the style. The website, available at the domain SquidGame.cash , was registered less than a month ago, on October 12.



    New Squid Game Cryptocurrency Launches as Obvious Scam



    Have you heard about the new Squid Game cryptocurrency? It’s up over 2,000% in the past two days, prompting news outlets like the BBC and Business Insider to write about the token. But unfortunately, it’s a total scam.




    It’s extremely common for cryptocurrency scam artists to use brands from TV and movies, like the crypto scam Mando , launched earlier this year and named after Disney’s Mandalorian streaming show. Netflix’s Squid Game is the most popular streaming show in the world right now, so it makes sense that scammers would use the name without permission.



    How do we know the Squid Game coin is a scam? You can put real money into the cryptocurrency, but there’s no evidence you can ever take it out. That’s simply known as theft.



    The website for the new Squid Game crypto looks comprehensive enough, with sections about very official-sounding things like a white paper and an audit. But anyone who’s seen cryptocurrency rug-pulls before, like the Mando coin, will recognize the style. The website, available at the domain SquidGame.cash , was registered less than a month ago, on October 12.









    AirPods Pro With MagSafe



    Hear the difference


    The newly refreshed, 2021 AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging get their first big price cut.



    The so-called white paper, which the BBC and Business Insider reference uncritically, is filled with poor grammar, bizarre spelling errors, and claims that are impossible to verify. The grammar of the second sentence in this "white paper," is pretty much all you need to read to know something fishy is going on (emphasis ours):




    The Squid Game project is a crypto play to earn platform inspired by the Korean hit series on Netflix about a deadly tournament of children’s games. There is no longer dystopian world where a mysterious organisation gathers people who are in large amounts of debt and "living on the edge".



    "There is no longer dystopian world," indeed.



    Other red flags include the fact that the Telegram channel set up by whoever’s behind this scam isn’t open to comments from outsiders. And even the Twitter account makes it impossible for regular people to reply to posts. It’s not clear who’s behind the new Squid Game coin, but you can hear the voice of someone promoting the crypto through a free give-away known as an "airdrop" on YouTube in a video published October 20 . The email address listed at the Squid Game website did not respond to a request for comment from Gizmodo.



    But the single largest red flag is the fact that people can put money in, but can’t take it out. You can’t buy Squid Game on mainstream crypto platforms like Coinbase and Binance. Instead, you need to buy the crypto through a service called Pancake Swap, which doesn’t guarantee any of the transactions that occur on the platform. Coin Market Cap has issued a warning that people who have purchased the coin, known as SQUID, are unable to cash out.



    The website for the Squid Game crypto even includes a fake endorsement from billionaire Elon Musk, who hasn’t endorsed the cryptocurrency token, but instead was talking about the Netflix show. Cryptocurrency scammers often target fans of Elon Musk on Twitter, who seem to be some of the easiest marks on the planet.



    The website claims there’s a Squid Game "game" which is "coming soon." Again, the BBC promotes this unverifiable claim without so much as a hint of skepticism. It’s not until you get to the end of the BBC article that an expert is quoted, but simply to warn that crypto in general is risky.



    Yes, all cryptocurrencies are incredibly risky, and arguably a scam in the broadest sense. But some people are making real money by trading crypto as a highly speculative asset. These same retail investors would not make any money buying this new Squid Game cryptocurrency, no matter How do I make my NFT account free early you got in, because you’ll never make money if you’re not allowed to pull it out and convert it to fiat.



    The "schedule" for the crypto’s rollout is also filled with red flags, including a claim that there will be "hiring for Asia and Europe Market." What does that mean? You guess is as good as ours, but it’s almost certainly bullshit.



    The creators of this coin are advertising the inability to sell as all part of the Squid Game "game," and in some ways that’s absolutely correct. This new cryptocurrency really is like Neflix’s Squid Game in the sense that there are a small handful of people invisible to the contestants who are controlling the game. And everyone else is getting screwed.



    Ironically, the only thing that appears to be "real" about this new Squid Game cryptocurrency is the existence of its NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are little more than links to a receipt for something online, and whoever’s behind this coin has set up an account at OpenSea, which allows people to sell NFTs. But obviously selling NFTs of jpegs are inherently a scam, no matter What to do with NFT after buying its promoters tell you.



    The price of SQUID is currently sitting at $4.46, according to Coin Market Cap, higher than other meme-coins like dogecoin which is trading at .29. But that doesn’t mean SQUID is actually worth anything. It simply means that a lot of people are about to lose a lot of money when the creators finally make off with all the cash.



    Normally, Gizmodo wouldn’t want to give oxygen to crypto scammers looking to cash in on some easy money through visibility alone, but obviously this one is different. When the BBC , Yahoo News , Business Insider , and many more are all writing about it, scammers know they’ve succeeded at getting the attention they were after. But don’t buy this coin, whatever you do. We’d be shocked if the website was still up by Christmas.





    Welcome to the floor World



    What to do with NFT after buying



    Welcome to the floor World



    Welcome to the floor World



    Who said that the NFT Collection should always include leopard fur and laser eyes? Can’t we, as the NFT community, do more than just copycat another 10k of Twitter profile pics? THE FLOOR project is our attempt to make the world a little better for those who are in need, while still having all the NFT fun!



    THE FLOOR NFTs are fresh, hand-drawn, artistic collectibles on Ethereum Blockchain, crafted with love by DAHR in his pleasing cartoonish art style. Only 7777 provably rare artworks were generated from over 100 traits/attributes in order to gather together a first-ever NFT metaverse condominium community.





    Flexpool uses the official Chia pool protocol that requires you to create Plot NFT in order to join the pool. However the other plots that are made without Plot NFT (sometimes referenced as OG plots) cannot be used with Flexplool. Even if you want to solo farm and earn Chia with flexplool you would still need to create the plot NFT.



    How to Switch Between Chia Farming Pools?





    We have discussed the process of switching between NFT and non-NFT pools like Space, Flex against Core Pool. Since Space and Flex Pools follow official chia pooling protocol Core pool does not. Basically, it’s just to show you that you can easily switch between the chia farming pools without breaking a sweat or losing any plots.



    So lets proceed to How do I buy and sell on NFT to change the pool your Chia plots are farming on. It’s a very simple process and it’s very easy. Additionally we would go over a few of key points that are necessary throughout this post. First of all there’s only three major pools that we are going into details about. As we already know Hpool is centralized in Asia and due to various reasons we don’t really trust mining on that pool. But the other chia pools discussed in this post are very trustworthy.



    Not only that you can talk to their teams, collaborate with them and connect with them on reddit and discord. For example recently Flexpool announced that they are changing their pool fee to "0." They launched their pool recently, they had a beta test just like all other pools did and they officially launched. With using just Reddit etc. the whole Chia community come to know it immediately.



    Before going any further let’s see how much the pool fees Core, Space and Flex pool charge:





    • Core Pool charges 2% fees and their method is PPLNS


    • Space Pool charges 0% fees but it eventually will go up to 1%


    • Flex Pool was also at 1% but now they reduced the pooling fee to 0%




    Out of all these three Chia pools the Space pool has been highly active since the official protocol release. Many farmers have been getting regular payments through it. All your plot points will sync up well, everything reports and connects really well.



    Connecting Chia Plot NFT to Flexpool in GUI



    So the Flexpool has also been doing well on their Chia side of things as it also pools for Ethereum. So to connect your Chia plot NFT in Flexpool is pretty simple. They do have a new guide or a new farmer got an already farmer guide but here are the pools:



    Go to the Flex Pool website.





    • Choose Your Region






    Check the pools or the servers that you can connect to in Germany, USA and Singapore. There are chances that they might open up more. Choose whatever is closest to you for the new farmer. It’s a very easy way to get set up especially if you’re using a mad max plotter. Choose the region with the lowest latency to your farming hardware.





    • Create Your Plot NFT and Point it to Flexpool






    Flexpool uses the official Chia pool protocol that requires you to create Plot NFT in order to join the pool. However the other plots that are made without Plot NFT (sometimes referenced as OG plots) cannot be used with Flexplool. Even if you want to solo farm and earn Chia with flexplool you would still need to create the plot NFT.



    Connect To Pool





    Then choose to connect to the pool and then you need to put the pool address that you can grab from regional servers closest to you, insert it in the "Connect To Pool" bar and hit create.





    All that’s going to do is to create a NFT pool contract that looks like shown in the picture above.



    Switching the pools





    So if you want to change it to what you already have though.







    Click change pool and now if you look at the Space Pool fee it would show "0" which is in line with what they have claimed on their website. If you would switch it back, it would show "001." Since this post was created before Flexpool changed their fees to "0" on the request of farmers. You would see "0" as well.



    Please Note that it will show status Pending. It will take its time and all of the plot point will change to “0.”





    How Much Time it takes to switch from Space pool to Flexpool or core pool?



    Space Pool: The Space Pool’s escape lock is “64 blocks” which is more or less 45 minutes and is much lower than most of the Chia pools based on Official Chia protocol.



    Flex Pool: The time your Chia farm takes to switch from Flex pool to others is “100 blocks” which is calculated as: 100×20/60 = 33 minutes.



    So when you switch from one Chia pool to the other the time will definitely vary. There is no need for panicky. Just stick to that. It will all be okay once the Pool escape lock time threshold is reached.



    How to switch from Chia pools using official protocol to Pools to non-official pools/ from Space Pool to Core Pool etc.?



    CorePool has not changed its core to official Chia pool protocol that means it does not support NFT plots. They say so on their website.



    There’s not much difference to talk about when you switch to core pool from Space or Flex pool. You just need to put the pool information in and hit change. That’s going to allow you to change the pool from any other to CorePool. Once again all of the plot points will change to "0". The farmer will have to start from scratch.



    How to Switch from Chia pooling protocol pools to non-protocol pools or from Non-NFT plot pools to NFT plot pools?



    It’s very simple to switch so if you want to go from Space pool to Flex pool and then back to core pool or whatever you can easily do that. You just need the pool address which they will provide to you and hit change. You are good to go that will reset your farm’s pooling statistics but no big deal all your plots will still be there.



    You would not have to replot. You don’t have to kill your drives or the endurance of your SSDs or anything. The Chia farmers are so happy that they finally came out with this because the amount of plots that average farmer has been primarily building up over time and it is eating into their consumer grade SSDs which is why most of the farmers had to change to an enterprise level NVMe SSDs like the Micron 7300 Pro etc. which can do 4.2 Petabytes in its life cycle.



    You should keep in mind while joining Chia pools that the farmers get paid frequently on large pools with less XCH while smaller pools pay higher XCH to the farmers with delayed payouts. So the pool payouts vary on every single Chia pool.



    A Quick Guide on : How do I buy NFT To Create Portable Plots For Chia Farming | Add A Plot NTF Switch Pools And Back To Self Pooling





    That's why our best tech stock is Nvidia.



    The Best Stock to Buy Now



    The tech sector is where some of the most explosive stocks on the market are found. When looking for the best stocks in tech, you can't settle for middling returns or a company content with its market share. You want a transformational company.



    That's why our best tech stock is Nvidia.



    You see, Nvidia is more than a semiconductor business, though it is one of the best. And that's a $500 billion industry by itself.



    Nvidia's chips are powering everything from cryptocurrencies to driverless cars to artificial intelligence. These are some of the most exciting sectors for growth.



    Take driverless cars, for example.



    Nvidia has more employees working on driverless cars than Alphabet's Waymo, an actual driverless car project. There's a good reason for that too.



    As more and more companies race to develop autonomous vehicles, they'll need powerful computers to make them work. Nvidia's DRIVE Orin chip is essentially a supercomputer on a chip, made for driving technology.



    That's the sort of exciting tech business we're looking for, but it's one of the best stocks to buy because it's been red-hot lately too.



    After its June stock split, the share price has driven 25% higher. But that's nothing compared to what Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson predicts. His conservative prediction is that Nvidia will see 30% annual growth, which means it could double its earnings in two years.



    If its price/earnings ratio stays constant, that means a potential 100% profit for investors who buy now.



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